Greatest NFL Players – Jersey #’s: 26-50

Continuing the series on the greatest NFL Players according to number, I am rolling numbers 26-50. Thank you for all your comments on 1-25. It helped a great deal. I made corrections on that post and, if you can make a good argument, I’ll make corrections to this one as well.

(Corrections from comments in Red)

26 Herb Adderley – CB – 60’s Packers
27 Ken Houston – FS – 70’s Redskins
28 Darrel Green – CB – 80’S Redskins
29 Eric Dickerson – HB – 80’s Rams
30 Terrell Davis – HB – 90’s Broncos
31 Jim Taylor – FB – 60’s Packers
32 Jim Brown – FB – 60’s Browns
33 Sammy Baugh – QB – 40’s Redskins (Thanks Ron Milz)
34 Walter Payton – HB – 80’s Bears
35 Calvin Hill – HB – 70’s Cowboys
36 Jerome Bettis – FB – 00’s Steelers
37 Doak Walker – HB – 50’s Lions
38 Arnie Herber – QB – 30’s Packers
39 Larry Csonka – FB – 70’s Dolphins
40 Gale Sayers – HB – 60’s Bears
41 Tom Matte – FB – 60’s Colts
42 Ronnie Lott – FS – 80’s 49ers
43 Don Perkins – FB – 60’s Cowboys
44 John Riggins – FB – 80’s Redskins
45 Emlen Tunnell – FS – 50’s Giants
46 Chuck Muncie – FB – 80’s Chargers
47 Mel Blount – SS – 70’s Steelers
48 Moose Johnston – FB – 90’s Cowboys
49 Bobby Mitchell – HB – RB 60’s Redskins
50 Mike Singletary – MLB – 80’s Bears

12 thoughts on “Greatest NFL Players – Jersey #’s: 26-50

  1. As painful as this is, I have to accept Walter Payton over Earl Campbell at #34. I may be be excommunicated from the Republic of Texas for even mentioning this. We love that man down here.

    On my list, it is a blasphemy to put anyone in sports above Henry Aaron at #44. If Hank had played football, he would have cleaned Riggins’ clock.

    Nice job, Tim. This is a fun exercise.


  2. Rod, You’re a crack up dude. I bet you’d also say that Hank could beat up Chuck Norris, which, as we all know, would be ridiculous. When Chuck Norris played baseball as a child he wasn’t allowed to use a bat, just his pinky, and he still hit a ball over 700 feet. It was then and there the MLB commissioner banned him from ever playing baseball again. However, one little known fact is that Chuck and Hank played on the same little league team, Chuck batted clean up and Hank was the 5 batter. One time while when Chuck was batting he spit over his shoulder and the errant expectoration landed in Hank Aaron’s eye and subsequently mixed in his blood stream, thus creating Hammerin’ Hank. So, at no fault of his own, Hank Aaron was the first baseball player to use chemical enhancement. It’s on Wikipedia. Look it up.


  3. The number 26 should be Rod Woodson played 18 years pro bowl eleven times and in pros verses joes could still hit. Ialso I am a cowboy fan but the cowboy with the number 33 has to be the one out of TCU Slinging Sammy Baugh he led the league in all kinds of stats passing, punting, interceptions not thrown but picked off and my favorite most cussing in a single interview. Dorsett was great but he had a great line. Just one that I liked and he sure could run was Christian Okoye at number 35 he did not play long but he holds alot of KC records. The last is number 44 Otto Graham again look at his stats he led the Browns to the title game 10 times in ten years and won 7 of them he also had 7 passing titles I like John Riggins but we shouldnt let one good season and one great super bowl put him above 7 Titles. This is Fun. Oh by the way I am an Earl Campbell fan also and he did play in the number 35 jersey if you want to give a guy a break after houston ran him to death with no line.


  4. Gotta agree with Ron on Sammy and Otto. Sammy actually led the league in passing, punting, and interceptions in the same season. Great memories of Tom Matte having to play quarterback when both Johnny U. and Gary Cuazzo went down. Back in the days of 36-man teams, not everyone had three quarterbacks. Matte did well, running the ball and leading the blocking on sweeps. Green Bay was fortunate to beat them in the play-offs. Matte had been a quarterback on the Ohio State freshmen team (back before freshmen were eligible to play varsity sports) and he played behind a guy named John Havlicek. For those of you who only watch the NFL and NASCAR, he was a decent basketball player on some decent Boston Celtic teams.


  5. OK Guys. Let’s take a look at this. First off, I gotta keep Adderley at CB. He was much more of a complete player than Woodson. Woodson was great, I’ll give him his due. But Adderley was other worldly – He could pick ’em like Deion, Hit like Woodson, Run like Darrel Green, and run back punts and kick offs like Devin Hester…well not quite.

    Second – let’s put Baugh in there ahead of Dorsett. You make a great argument here.

    Third – Gotta go with Calvin Hill over Okoye.

    Fourth – Good call on Otto Graham. Just one problem. He did not wear 44. He wore 14. Early on he wore 60. However, I think he probably is a better selection than Dan Fouts, so I put him in on the 1-25 Post.

    Fifth – Earl Campbell didn’t wear 35. He wore 34. Where’s your head? 34 is Payton. We ain’t even gonna mess with that.

    Don Bob – you’re right on about Matte. He was a beast. He wasn’t that fast be he ran so angry; like he wanted to kill somebody. In Superbowl 3 he had a long run and Johnny Sample, a DB for the Jets, tracked him down and shoved him out of bounds. Matte turned around and punched him right in the face. The were two of the meanest SOBs in football at the time, but Sample backed off. He didn’t want to mess with Matte.


  6. As we talked Otto Graham wore 44 in college my mistake but Earl did wear 35 with the saints 84-85. This is way too much fun talk to you later


  7. Dude pretty good job on 26-50 except I would have Leroy Kelly for #44 but I am a Browns fan also it’s terrible to have a list like this without Earl Campbell I know Walter Payton is well “Walter Payton” but, there are very few people if given a chance to have a “DREAM TEAM”, one season, any player, would choose Walter over Earl.



  8. I loved Leroy Kelly too. A Great talent.

    In regard to Campbell, he simply has the misfortune of having the same number as the Great Sweetness. What can you do?


  9. After I originally commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me
    when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a
    comment is added I recieve 4 emails with the same comment.
    Perhaps there is a means you can remove me from that service?

    Many thanks!


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