Greatest NFL Players – Jersey #’s: 51-75

We’ve had some great interaction on our Great NFL Jersey Numbers series. I’ve made corrections to the 1-50 posts. However, there is still much controversy surrounding the pick for Jersey #12. Should it be Tom Brady or Roger Staubach. Brady has the numbers, but Staubach missed four years because of obligations to the Navy. In fact, some are so passionate about Staubach being the pic that they have made the argument that he should be the pick because he was a deeply religious man and that God would pick him on his team to play quarterback. Now, in my estimation that seems to be going a little far…everyone knows that God would pick Martin Luther to play quarterback.

So, continuing the series on the greatest NFL Players according to number, I am posting numbers 51-75. I think after we’ve finished this we should contact the Hall of Fame and let them know that we’ve worked this out for them. Remember that I’m posting a picture of the jersey that I feel is the best player out of the group – in this case, Lawrence Taylor. We should argue that as well – especially in this group of players.

(Corrections from comments in Red)

50 Mike Singletary – LB – 80’s Bears
51 Dick Butkus – LB – 60’s Bears
52 Ray Lewis – LB – 00’s Ravens
53 Harry Carson – LB – 80’s Giants
54 Randy White – DT – 70’s Cowboys
55 Derrick Brooks – OLB – 00’s Buccaneers
56 Lawrence Taylor – OLB – 80’s Giants
57 Dwight Stephenson – C – 80’s Dolphins (Thanks to Jimbo Booth) Replaces Tom Jackson
58 Jack Lambert – LB – 70’s Steelers
59 Jack Ham – OLB – 70’s Steelers
60 Chuck Bednarik – LB – 50’s Eagles
61 Curly Culp – DT – 70’s Chiefs
62 Jim Langer – C – 70’s Dolphins
63 Gene Upshaw – OG – 70’s Raiders
64 Jerry Kramer – OG – 60’s Packers
65 Elvin Bethea – DE – 70’s Oilers
66 Ray Nitchke – LB – 60’s Packers
67 Bob Kuechenberg – OT – 70’s Dolphins
68 Russ Grimm – OG – 80’s Redskins
69 Mark Schlereth – OG – 90’s Broncos
70 Sam Huff – LB – 60’s Giants
71 Alex Karras – DE – 70’s Lions
72 Dan Dierdorf – OG – 70’s Cardinals
73 John Hannah – OG – 70’s Patriots
74 Bob Lilly – DT – 60’s Cowboys
75 Mean Joe Greene – DT – 70’s Steelers (Thanks to Ron Milz and Jimbo Booth) Replaces Howie Long

24 thoughts on “Greatest NFL Players – Jersey #’s: 51-75

  1. I appreciate the props to Mr. Derrick Brooks, though I would adjust the decade of his play. Brooks is one of 4 players in history to be voted to 10 Pro Bowls, named Defensive Player of the Year, and be a Super Bowl Champion. The other 3 are Mike Singletary, Reggie White, and Lawrence Taylor.

    The bulk of these accolades came after the millennium.

    That is all


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  3. Good job! I don’t have too many disagreements.(52) I know Ray Lewis is great but its hard to pass up Mike Webster. Webster was awesome at a position that gets absolutley no publicity. He defined what centers are today. He was the anchor of that O-line that won 4 super bowls. Lewis plays a position where you get all the glory. Tough choice. I would like to hear what others think.(54) At the risk of being tagged Anti-Dallas I won’t say much except Urlacher is a pretty good player.(63) I like Leroy Selmon.(75)I guess that’s a hard group to pick from Mean Joe Greene, Forrest Gregg, Deacon Jones, and Howie Long. I would put the order Gregg, Greene, Long, Jones


  4. The only change I would put is Mean joe Greene at the 75 he is the reason Dick Butkis retired because the story goes that mean Joe spit in Dick Butkis face and when asked what did he do he said nothing he was a big man and at the end of the year he retired.Number 74 Merlon Olsen plaed in 198 games in a row and was picked every year for the pro bowl. He also saved Pa when on little house he fell into a mine and he was able to use his strength to hold up a beam. True Story other than that the list looks good. I want you to know that you made my case about Roger God had the Cowboy Stadium left open just to watch Roger play.


  5. (57) Dwight Stephenson is in the Hall Of Fame. Tom Jackson is on ESPN. One more thing about 52. Most consider Webster to be the greatest center ever, the best at his position. Ray Lewis as great as he is, is not the best LB ever.


  6. Jimbo, you make some excellent arguements my friend. However, I think the best comment so far on this particular post is that Merlin Olsen saved Little Joe when he fell in the mine. That’s major because I think Olsen was 75 years old when he did that, which affirms the number even more, not to mention that his heroic act gave Michael Landon several more years before hid died of cancer. That’s major.


  7. Ron, the M on Jimbo’s arm is for Marshall not Mike webster, either way you can’t get too frustrated with him. He likes it cause when you see it its an “M” when he looks at it it’s a “W” for West Virginia. I really enjoyed this compilation – GREAT JOB!


  8. OK…so here’s the deal. I’m making a change at number 75. I think this is a no-brainer in that Howie Long should go. But who should we put there – Joe Greene or Forrest Gregg? The two men played totally different positions so we have limited means to compare them. I think the most telling statistic is that Joe Greene had one more pro bowl than Gregg (10-9) in less playing time. What’s more, Greene was honored twice as the NFL Defensive Player of the Year. That’s huge for a defensive tackle. Throw in the fact that he also earned the Best Defensive Rookie in 1969 and you have your man.

    Joe Greene – at number 75


  9. The only thing that i see that needs to be changed right now is that Joe Greene didn’t play for the Cowboys. I like to see as many Cowboys players as possible up there but we can’t misrepresent.


  10. Alex, Thanks for the heads up man. I’ll correct that ASAP.

    Now for the Slam…
    I also want you to know that I am proud that you knew that Joe Greene did not play for the Cowboys in the 70’s since most of what you know about your Texas team dips no further in the past than 1992. Quick. Tell me now. What number did Don Meredith wear? How about Dan Reeves? Yeah…that’s what I thought.


  11. So from the very beginning I’ve seen many errors in your post but I’ve kept my mouth shut. I can no longer allow you to post this blasphemy. I decided to make my own list and I have the whole thing done. I am up for suggestions on some changes but I feel I did I pretty good job.

    1 Rafael Septien-K 80’s Cowboys
    2 Lin Elliot-K 90’s Cowboys
    3 Richie Cunningham-K 90’s Cowboys
    4 Mike Saxon-P 80’s Cowboys
    5 Clint Stoerner-QB 00’s Cowboys
    6 Nick Folk-K 00’s Cowboys
    7 Randall Cunningham-QB 00’s
    8 Troy Aikman-QB 90’s Cowboys
    9 Tony Romo-QB 00’s Cowboys
    10 Ron Widby-P 60’s Cowboys
    11 Danny White-QB 80’s Cowboys
    12 Roger Staubach-QB 70’s Cowboys
    13 Jerry Rhome-QB 60’s Cowboys
    14 Craig Morton-QB 80’s Cowboys
    15 Tony Fritsch-K 70’s Cowboys
    16 Damon Hodge-WR 00’s Cowboys
    17 Don Meredith-QB 60’s Cowboys
    18 Carano, Glenn-QB 80’s Cowboys
    19 Lance Alworth-WR 70’s Cowboys
    20 Mel Renfro- DB 70’s Cowboys
    21 Deion Sanders-CB 90’s Cowboys
    22 Emmitt Smith -HB – 90’s Cowboys
    23Margene Adkins-WR 70’s Cowboys
    24 Everson Walls- CB 80’s Cowboys
    25 Aaron Kyle- CB 70’s Cowboys
    26 Kevin Smith- CB 90’s Cowboys
    27 Thomas Everett- S 90’s Cowboys
    28 Darren Woodson- S 90’s Cowboys
    29 Kenneth Gant-CB 90’s Cowboys
    30 Dan Reeves- RB 60’s Cowboys
    31George Teague- S 90’s Cowboys
    32 Walt Garrison-RB 70’s Cowboys
    33 Tony Dorsett -HB 80’s Cowboys
    34 Herschel Walker-RB 80’s Cowboys
    35 Calvin Hill – HB 70’s Cowboys
    36 Vince Albritton- S 80’s Cowboys
    37 James Washington-S 90’s Cowboys
    38 Roy Williams- S 00’s Cowboys
    39 Bob Perryman- RB 90’s Cowboys
    40 Bill Bates-S 90’s Cowboys
    41 Charlie Waters- DB 70’s Cowboys
    42 Anthony Henry-CB 00’s Cowboys
    43 Don Perkins – FB – 60’s Cowboys
    44 Robert Newhous- FB 70’s Cowboys
    45 Steve Wilson- CB 80’s Cowboys
    46 Mark Washington- CB 70’s Cowboys
    47 Pete Hunter- CB 00’s Cowboys
    48 Moose Johnston – FB 90’s Cowboys
    49 Tony Curtis- TE 00’s Cowboys
    50 D.D. Lewis- LB 70’s Cowboys
    51 Ken Norton- LB 90’s Cowboys
    52 Dexter Coakley-LB 00’s Cowboys
    53 Bob Breunig- LB 80’s Cowboys
    54 Randy White – DT – 70’s Cowboys
    55 Lee Roy Jordan-LB 60’s Cowboys
    56 Thomas Henderson- LB 70’s Cowboys
    57 Vinson Smith- LB 90’s Cowboys
    58 Mike Hegman- LB 80’s Cowboys
    59 Dat Nguyen- LB 00’s Cowboys
    60 Derek Kennard-G 90’s Cowboys
    61 Nate Newton- G 90’s Cowboys
    62 Brian David Baldinger-OL 80’s Cowboys
    63 Larry Cole- DL 70’s Cowboys
    64 Tom Rafferty- G/C 80’s Cowboys
    65 Andre Gurode- C 00’s Cowboys
    66Andrie, George-DE 60’s Cowboys
    67 Pat Donovan-T 70’s Cowboys
    68 Herb Scott- G 80’s Cowboys
    69 Ross Tucker- G 00’s Cowboys
    70 Rayfield Wright-OT 70’s Cowboys
    71 Mark Tuinei- OT/DL 90’s Cowboys
    72 Ed “Too Tall” Jones- 80’s Cowboys
    73 Larry Allen-G/T 90’s Cowboys
    74 Bob Lilly – DT 60’s Cowboys
    75 Jethro Pugh- DT 70’s Cowboys
    76 John Niland- 70’s Cowboys
    77 Jin Jeffcoat- DE 80’s Cowboys
    78 Leon Lett – LB 90’s Cowboys
    79 Harvey Martin- DE 70’s Cowboys
    80 Tony Hill- WR 80’s Cowboys
    81 Terrell Owens- WR 00’s Cowboys
    82 Jason Witten-TE 00’s Cowboys
    83 Terry Glenn- WR 00’s Cowboys
    84 Jay Novacek-TE 90’s Cowboys
    85 Rayfeild Wright-OT 70’s Cowboys
    86 Butch Johnson-WR 70’s Cowboys
    87 Nate Borden- DE 60’s Cowboys
    88 Michael Irvin- WR 90’s Cowboys
    89 Billy Joe Dupree- TE 70’s Cowboys
    90 Eric Ogbogu-DE 00’s Cowboys
    91 Matt Vanderbeek-LB/DE 90’s Cowboys
    92 Jermaine Brooks- DT 00’s Cowboys
    93 Kenyon Coleman-DE 00’s Cowboys
    94 Charles Haley-DE 90’s Cowboys
    95 Chad Hennings- DT 90’s Cowboys
    96 Marcus Spears-DE 00’s Cowboys
    97 La’Roi Glover- DT 00’s Cowboys
    98 Greg Ellis-DE 00’s Cowboys
    99 Kevin Brooks- DE 80’s Cowboys


  12. Steven, the sad truth is it’s not a joke. He really is that sick. If you read through any of my NFL Post comments you’ll find that several of my friends suffer from the same affliction – Cowbanitis. It makes you see stars and clouds your thinking so that you believe that there is only one team in the NFL.


  13. according to Jimbo there are three teams the Cleveland Browns the Dallas Cowboys that he only acknowledges because he hates them and Mike Webster who really isnt a team but I continue to humor him. By the way there are more teams in the NFL other than the Cowboys?


  14. I didn’t realize it was going to be so much work until i was already committed to finishing it. I couldn’t stop half-way through.

    Tim, I do acknowledge that there are other teams, but I just so happen to be a fan of the most superior team in the NFL, and to have the most superior team you have to have the most superior players…hence my list.


  15. This is a very tough call, but arguments could be made for Willie Lanier #63 over Gene Upshaw. It’s basically a coin toss, with GU getting the sympathy vote because he recently passed away.


  16. #75 should be Deacon Jones. Mean Joe was great but Jones is the greatest pass rusher ever and one of the greatest defensive players ever. Also Merlin Olsen should at least be pondered at #74.


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