2 thoughts on “The Log and The Speck

  1. Dude great sermon! I can be so quick to judge just to make myself look “not to bad” all I have to do is find someone that is worse than me. Why is it we continually compare ourselve to others ? Its because we are evil/sinful. In our striving to do good, be good, look good, please God, ect we really reveal how sinful we really are. WE NEED JESUS! We want grace to get us in the door, and “us” to keep us there. You made mention about stuff and junk I realize God doesn’t want our STUFF HE wants our junk laid at His feet. Tim Praise The Lord God’s people won’t be judged compared to others. We will be judged by Gods and by God’s standards with Jesus TOTALLY paying the debt.
    I need Jesus every second of every minute of every day! Stuff wears me out but Christ says ” take my yoke upon you I will give you rest”.


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