Religion v. The Gospel

Below is an article that compares the aims of Religion v. the aims of The Gospel. The article was originally constructed by Rev. Tim Keller, a PCA pastor in Manhattan. I have refurbished it a bit. Have a read. I would relish any comments or observations! (FYI – I have included a link to the Word Document if you would like to download it by clicking here –  religion-v-the-gospel


Word Document: religion-versus-the-gospel

7 thoughts on “Religion v. The Gospel

  1. Well crap, Tim. I am stuck in the left column where I have replaced the word religion with the organization (not organism) called church and I find that I wouldn’t want to “go to church with me” at all. So to get past religion all the way to gospel, I go to church in hopes of being transformed. Instead, I get caught up in all the churchianity and conform to the aims of religion (the church). So what do I do? Do I step out of the church and depend solely self study and communion with God, foregoing the gathering together instructions in the Bible? Or do I go to church with all the other pharisee children and pray that we, on occasion, get it right?


  2. Steve, that was harsh. Tim knows me and the heart of my question. I have worked for over 20 years in a ministry in my church that God has blessed. I love my church but it does drive me nuts sometimes. It has those dang people in it. The Gospel is spread and fruit is evident in my church home. My point is that, sadly, the church, despite its best efforts, propagates much of the stuff in the left column because of these earth suits we’re all wearing. An example might be some well-meaning individual heaping judgment upon someone whom they don’t even know. As a result they might be representative of what “loving others” looks like in the left hand column.


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