I Descend Into the Beauty – A Poem by Tim Melton

I’m feeling pretty pensive today.  I thought it might be a good day to repost my poem – I Descend into the Beauty.  This time, I have included effects and music in the recording. If I had to put a scripture reference underneath this poem it would be “Matthew 16:25 – For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.”  I am finding that spiritual maturity in the Christian life is gained through learning how to die – dying to selfishness, dying to anger, dying to idolatrous dreams, dying to sin – that we might gain Christ.  In the poem, I am the yellow maple leaf, weak with fear, dying to the blows that life delivers.  Until I finally release my grip, I cannot know the joy of Christ’s Song nor dance in his arms.  How thankful I am that the Autumn Daystar reveals himself to me and pries my fingers away from my idolatrous life.

The music in the background is from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth – which by the way, is also about dying, overcoming fear, and selfless love.  It is a beautiful picture of the gospel.  But that’s another blog entry.  Enjoy.

Click below to hear the poem.

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I Descend into The Beauty

a poem by Tim Melton

I look beyond the rolling scene
Of nugget hills and brilliant earth painted with the hue of Autumn charms,
Red and Orange and Crimson Yellow splotched with fields of Green grass meadow
Sprinkled with their spotted Cattle and dotted bold with whitewashed Farms;
I see the beauty of redemption and what awaits me as I dangle
From the Ridge above the Valley,
I fear what lies below

I hold not to life but she weakly cleaves to me
Distracted by the call of compensation, she will toss me from her flimsy grip.
And so the icy breeze whispers through my tender brittle frame
as I tremble with the yellow that creeps into my veins, compelling me to slip;
While I war against the beauty of the death that calls beneath,
Holding fast to the Maple,
I fear what lies below

The winds exhale colossal bluster against my struggle to cleave tight,
but without fingers I cannot grasp what was never mine
So I succumb to the prodigious blows from the gales that claim my life
And dancing with defiant rythym to the tune of revolution and the beat of time,
I descend into the beauty, yielding now to what awaits me;
Singing soft the Song Of Mystery…
”Autumn Daystar Bid Me Come”

– Tim Melton, October, 1999

I wrote the following poem from the perspective of a dying maple leaf. Several years ago I was driving along Interstate 81 heading toward Roanoke, Virginia. It was the fall of the year and the leaves were absolutely gorgeous. I pulled my car over to the side of the road to enjoy a breathtaking view that overlooked a valley filled with white farmhouses and green pastures. The surrounding trees were brilliantly splotched with every color that Autumn could possibly render. As I stood there drinking in the scene, I noticed a maple tree on the side of the ridge beside me. Its head stretching in the wind, the tree grew out sideways over the valley and as a result it had lost almost all of its leaves. In fact, I took special note of one bright yellow leaf that shivered in the wind. That leaf had hung fast when almost every other had fallen to its’ death, floating down hundreds of feet into the valley. I wrote this poem with that leaf in mind. I, like that little leaf, cling to life. I hang on with the vain hope that I will live forever, scared to death of the undiscover’d country, from whose bourn no traveler returns. Yet, that day will come, sooner than I realize, when the Autumn Daystar (the Autumn Sun/Christ) will call me to let go of that which was never mine. When that day arrives, I must surrender to the music that sounds my departure from this world. May Christ prepare me for that day, so that I may joyously release my grip on this life. “Jesus, bid me come.”

5 thoughts on “I Descend Into the Beauty – A Poem by Tim Melton

  1. Hi Tim,

    I wrote a song a number of years ago on a similar them (although I am not near the wordsmith that you appear to be!)

    The leaves are changing

    Walking down a pathway in September
    Seeing leaves starting to turn
    Efflorescent colours in a forest of jade
    Nestled in a field of fern

    Then the north wind starts to blow
    Winter’s coming I know
    And with it comes the snow
    As the leaves are slowly changing.

    The canopy of colours is changing
    Brilliance overcome by brown
    Another cold breath that signifies death
    And the leaves will come tumbleing down.

    The north wind continues to blow
    Winter’s coming I know
    And with it comes the snow
    As the leaves are slowly changing.

    The leaves had to die for renewal
    So the tree might live until spring.
    And Jesus had to die upon a cross
    So that new life to us he could bring

    The north wind continues to blow
    Winter’s coming I know
    And with it comes the snow
    As the leaves are slowly changing.

    Mike Bell


  2. Mike,
    Great poem, bro. That one verse is absolutely haunting…

    The north wind continues to blow
    Winter’s coming I know
    And with it comes the snow
    As the leaves are slowly changing.



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