Made to Fly – A Poem by Callie Melton

This is a poem written by my daughter – Callie Melton.  She calls it “Made to Fly”.  Whenever I read it, it makes me think of heaven.  My heart yearns to dwell in that place where earth and sky are one, where the curse has been removed, where our doubts no longer master us,…where our faith has become sight and we dwell together with our God in the garden that he has prepared for us.

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Made to Fly

Dawn peeks over the side
Of rolling hills and casts
Shadows on lily white

Beams of sunlight stream
Into my window, calling
Me to come outside and

The air is warm on my back
As I make the trek out to my
Favorite place. The rusted, red

Thomas is waiting for me
As soon as I come into view
He stomps and shakes his wild

We race outside and never
Stop. Not for an instant.
We don’t run, oh no, we

He is silent. I am silent.
But somehow we speak,
Communicating in our own

I can feel our heartbeats. Our
Breath moving in and out.
We move as one, together.

The sun beats on our backs
The wind moves through our
Manes. Nature chases after

This is what we live for
This is why we wake up
Every morning. We live to

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