Valley of Vision – “Continual Repentance”

Adapted from “Continual Repentance”
The Valley of Vision p. 76 (my paraphrase)

O God of Grace,
You have counted my sin to my Substitute
You have counted His righteousness to me
You have Clothed me with a Bridegroom’s Robe
You have Decked me with the Jewels of Holiness.

  • But in my Flesh – I am still in Rags
    • My best prayers, stained with sin;
    • My best tears, filled with impurity
    • My confessions of wrong, aggravated with pride
    • My receiving of the Spirit, subverted with selfishness

  • I need to Repent of my Repentance;
    • I need my tears to be washed
    • I have no Robe to cover my sins
    • I have no Loom to weave my own righteousness
    • I stand in Filthy Garments
  • Yet, by grace, I am always receiving a change of Dress, For You justify the ungodly
    • I come to you empty, and I am filled
    • I come to you naked, and I am clothed
    • You forgive me and You bring me forth, Dressed in Your Robe of Righteousness
    • Every morning, like the flowers of the field, you array me in this Precious Robe –
    • Every evening you lay me down under its cover,
    • I go out to the day’s work in it,
    • I eat and drink in it,
    • I am married in it,
    • I will grow old in it,
    • I will die in it,
    • I will stand unashamed before the great white throne in it,
    • And I will enter heaven in it, shining as the sun – dressed in Your Robe, adorned in Your Glory.
  • So Grant me Jesus never to lose sight of my need to be Dressed by you. Help me always to see…
    • The exceeding sinfulness of my sin
    • The exceeding Righteousness of Your Salvation
    • The exceeding Glory of Christ
    • The exceeding Beauty of Your Holiness
    • The exceeding Wonder of Your grace

Yet even now, Dearest Christ, as I feel the pangs of pride…
I cast away my dirty rags, and clinging to Your Holy Robe, I Repent of my Repentance, and I Rest myself in you.

3 thoughts on “Valley of Vision – “Continual Repentance”

  1. Tim,
    a great prayer of humility and dependence on the grace of God. This morning my devotional in “Morning by Morning” by Charles Spurgeon was Deut. 33:27 “Underneath the everlasting arms” Spurgeon goes on to expound that no matter how low we become in the flesh and no matter how low we are dragged by our sin we are never can go lower that his “everlasting arms” that by grace holds us up and never lets us go! How great is our God.
    Thanks for sharing that prayer, it was so timely with my devotion this morning.
    God Blessings,
    Paul Mullen


    • Paul, great to hear from you! I’m glad the prayer was an encouragement. We are certainly enjoying the house. We painted the living room bright pink for Easter and it looks great! JK 🙂 I pray you guys have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! Tell Maureen we said ‘Hey’!


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