Kidney Stone(s) Update – Tim Melton

A ball and a book. Somehow, it works.


Many of you have been asking about where I am in regard to my kidney stone.  Well, today I found out that I do not have a kidney stone…I have three.  One of the stones is in my kidney and two are in my bladder.  I have been in incredible pain – almost every night I wake up and writhe around trying to get relief.  Martha Jo has been great.  Besides my pain medication, one way that I have found to get relief is by lying down on the ground, face down, taking a medium sized rubber ball and placing it on my back, and then getting Martha Jo to take a book, place it on top of the ball, and press down into my kidneys as hard as she can.  For some reason, though it is painful to do this, the “acute” pain of the kidney stone is somehow disseminated into a wider area.  Martha Jo will roll the ball around, pressing down on the book, for about 40 minutes until the pain becomes manageable.

I am in my 10th day of fighting the stones, but their days of destruction are drawing to a close.  My urologist is bringing me in for “pre-op” tomorrow, and I will be going in on Thursday to undergo “lithotripsy.”  This is a three hour long therapy that uses high energy shock waves to crush the stones.  During the process I will be submerged into a tank of warm water, while the shock waves vibrate the stones into smaller sand-like fragments.  I’ll feel some pressure, but no pain, then afterward I will simply pass the fragments out through my urine.  The down side of the therapy, is that it could take up to three months to pass all of the small fragments, and those fragments could still cause a good bit of pain when they pass.

Thank you so much for all your prayers.  I will keep you updated as things move along.

7 thoughts on “Kidney Stone(s) Update – Tim Melton

    • Michael, it is so good to hear from you man. Great to hear that you are also a “brother of the stone”. It’s a tight fraternity. By the way, last week I read your post on I-monk. It has been so sad to see Michael Spencer’s story unfold before us, and yet, I have been so encouraged to see how Spencer moved through the process. The outpouring from his family and friends was absolutely amazing.


    • Bob and Jane, thanks so much for your prayers for me. I miss you guys so much and I’m looking forward to being together with you at Bobby’s wedding.


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