Shame & the Divine Scapegoat – a sermon by Tim Melton

Leviticus 16 – A sermon preached by Tim Melton, April 17, 2011, At Surfside PCA Church, Myrtle Beach, SC

Download Mp3 Here

In this sermon I talk about the incredible power of Shame.  I talk at length about the story of Bill Buckner, former first baseman for the Boston Red Sox.  At the greatest moment of his career, when everything was on the line, Bill Buckner failed to do what he had done a million times before – field a slow roller to first base.  We are all Bill Buckners.  Not only do we fail in our obvious weaknesses, but we also are headed for failure, even in our greatest areas of strength.  This is why people need the saving power of Jesus Christ.  Not only does He save us from our sins and our obvious weaknesses, but He also rescues us from our supposed strengths.  Not only does the cross cover our guilt, but it also dramatically and powerfully covers our shame.  Glory to Christ!

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