Valley of Vision – Christ the Word, my Husband, my King

The Valley of Vision, “Christ The Word” – Pg. 17 (my paraphrase)

Help me Father,
In a world of created things, changeable things, moving parts, and swirling pieces
Christ remains unshaken.  Word and Sacrament stand firm in the middle of the storm
Like a stone I rest on His sure foundation
I abide in Him and rest in Him for all my mercies are found in Him
He designed, He purchased, He promised, He awakened, and he is perfecting…me

How comforting it is to recline in Him and rest upon His sure election
How sweet it is to be near my Groom and to find peace within my King’s affection
When I sin against His Cross, pursuing my own will, my own love, my own life
My sin is not so much this or that particular evil

My sin is that I run from Your Son.  In desperation seeking…

  • Separation from your Son
  • Disunion from your Son
  • Distance from your Son
  • Embracing the heart of a whore toward your Son

And I have no comfort.  There is no consolation.
There is no hand to hold but the nail scarred hand of old
And yet I will not bow before that blood soaked crown nor love that King
And hatefully I frown upon that hand…those fingers…and that ring…that ring…that ring

O my Father, you have given me this gift, this Husband-King – Jesus, your own beloved Son

  • He’s a mediator between my soul and Thee
  • With wounded Hands, over a pit, holding on to you above and never letting go of me
  • For only He can span the breach created by my sinful hate
  • And only He could bear the weight that rightly should fall on me

So, help me Father…

  • Help me to lay hold of the One you have called upon to lay hold of me
  • May I take Him as the object of my Faith and trust what I have not seen
  • May I call Him worthy, by His Love, to bridge the gulf between
  • Teach me Father to hear His Word that I might learn to love each line
  • For His Word is the power that breaks and binds and gives me faith to call him mine
  • If I oppose His Word, I oppose my King
  • If I receive His Word, I receive my King
  • So teach me Father to receive His Word that He might teach my heart to sing

Please, help me Father…

  • You have the hearts of men resting in your hand
  • So form my heart to the Word of my Husband
  • And bind my heart to the Song of my King
  • And strengthen my heart to the Will my Husband
  • And arrest my heart to Bow before my King
  • And soften my heart to hold forth my hand…and to receive my Husband’s love, His hand, His fingers – and my ring.

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