Valley of Vision – The Trinity

The Valley of Vision, “The Trinity” – Pg. 3 (my paraphrase)

Three in One, One in Three
God of My Salvation
Heavenly Father, Blessed Son, Eternal Spirit
Who governs One Holy Nation
I adore You as One Being, One Essence, One God, Three Persons
Who brings outcasts to know You
Who brings outlaws to serve You
In your Kingdom as Citizens, Friends, and adopted Sons

Father, You have loved me by…

  • Sending Jesus to redeem me

Jesus, You have loved me by…

  • Assuming my nature to identify with my humiliation
  • Shedding Your blood to wash my sins
  • And Giving Your righteousness to cover my unworthiness

Holy Spirit, You have loved me by…

  • Entering my heart and making it Your home
  • Implanting eternal life in the dark recesses of my soul
  • And Revealing the glories of Jesus to me

Three Persons, One God
I bless and I praise Thee
Mighty in love unmerited and unspeakable
Glorious in love so wonderful and free
Saving all that was lost and raising me up to glory
Taking my ashes and weaving in me this redemptive story

Father, You have given me my Husband Jesus to be His sheep, His people, His bride
Jesus, You accepted me, married me, and bound me to Your side
Spirit, You revealed the Face of Jesus as my groom

  • Implanted good-faith within heart
  • Subdued my stubborn soul
  • So that in the King who makes me whole I might forever hide

Father, You are enthroned to hear my prayers as they fly to You above
Jesus, Your hands are stretched to take my hands in the comfort of Your love
Spirit, You are willing to help the sickness that poisons me against my King

  • Give me the words
  • Show me my need
  • Pray inside me
  • Strengthen my knees

That I might not faint and fall while begging you for these things

Triune God
The God who commands the universe and orders each star to shine
These things I beg of you as I am yours and you are mine
For Your Kingdom, my soul, and Your Fame
Let me live and pray as one, baptized into Your Name

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