Valley of Vision – Your Will is called Divine

The Valley of Vision, “The Divine Will” – Pg. 9 (my paraphrase)

O LORD, I weakly cling to you; but your grip on me is firm
I see, I believe, and I live, when Your will is called Divine, and so may Your will be done, not mine
There is no worthiness or goodness in me that could deserve Your grace
Your providence and promises are not mine because I’m good
But only Your good pleasure holds me firm and only Your good will holds my hand in Thine

So let Your will be done, not mine, for only Your Will is called Divine

If your mercy makes me poor and vile, then blessed are You!
Prayers arising from my current poverty are preparation for future grace;
Help me to honor You now, by believing before I feel
Help me to trust You now, before I know that you will come and heal
My sin is great if I make my feelings the cause of my faith, and
My worship is idolatrous if my comfort is the reason that I bring You praise

So show me what sins I hide from you that, in loathing shadows, eclipse the Son of Your love;
Open my eyes in humility and show me the evil lurking in my hidden plans
Reveal Yourself, so that I might walk in your light with your glorious presence giving me sight
For if I walk in darkness, how can I know that I am Yours, or trust the working of my hands

So let Your will be done, not mine, for only Your Will is called Divine

It is only the meek and humble

  • Who know Your will, are pardoned and healed
  • Who know Your covenant love in the favor of Your face
  • Who are sanctified and brought to life
  • Who by faith depend and rest upon Your grace
  • Who show the evidence of living in Your abundant care

So in humility, Help me to pray in faith, to find Your will, and know that You are there.

For Your will, not mine, is called Divine, so let Your will be done

Strengthen me to lean hard on Your rich free mercy
Help me to believe that You will give what You have promised and even more
Strengthen me to pray with the conviction that whatever I receive, it is your gift
Help me to pray until my prayers be granted; and then to pray some more
Strengthen me to believe that fullness of mercy arises from fullness of prayer

Teach me that when faith is begun it is imperfect and must from weakness grow
Teach me by Your grace to obey, and to hope, and to truly believe even before I truly know
Teach me to wait upon Your will, and pray Your will be done
Teach me that chapped ground opens wider and wider until the water finally comes
Teach me that your will is good even though it causes pain
Teach me to trust that my desert will become a garden when at last You send the rain
Teach me to believe with gospel hope that I will bloom when I see the Son

And that Your will, O Christ, is called Divine, not mine.  So let Your Will be done!

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