Valley of Vision Redux: Praise and Thanksgiving

I restructured this prayer as a responsive reading to be used in worship during Thanksgiving…

“Praise and Thanksgiving: Responsive Reading” – (adapted from Valley of Vision, p. 15)

Leader: Thank You O my God
For You are the fairest of all things, the greatest, the first and the last
My heart admires you, adores you, loves you
My heart is as full as it can be
And I would pour out all that fullness before You in a ceaseless flow

Leader: Thank You, that when I think about You and talk with You
Ten thousand delightful thoughts spring forth
Ten thousand sources of pleasure are unsealed
Ten thousand refreshing joys spread over my heart
All these are sowing gospel happiness that will lead to eternal joy

Leader: Thank You, for the soul that You have created
for brining it to life, sanctifying it, adorning it, until the day You glorify it
though it is fixed in barren soil
it will bear life and yield fruit under Your cultivating care

Leader: Thank You, for the body that You have given me
for preserving its strength and vitality
for providing senses to enjoy delights
for the ease and freedom of my limbs
for hands, and eyes, and ears that enjoy Your creation
and are learning to do Your will

Leader: Thank You, for Your royal bounty that provides my daily support
for a full table and an overflowing cup
for delightful appetite, taste, and sweetness
for pleasing aromas and majestic sights

Leader: Thank You, for social joys of relatives and friends
for the ability to love my brother as myself
for a heart that feels sorrow and is sympathetic to the needs of others
for a mind to care for my neighbor, the stranger, the alien, and the orphan
for opportunities to spread good will
for my loved ones who are now in the joys of heaven

Leader: Thank You, for the gift of Your Glorious Presence
That I now see You in a mirror dimly but I will one day see You face to face
That I am growing to love You above the power of language to express it
That You are a treasure to those who call on Your name
That You will Increase my love, O God, through time and eternity
That I might love the Father, rest in the Spirit, and bow before Christ my King

Leader: Thank You Three in One, Thank You One in Three
Congregation:  Praise, Thanksgiving, and Glory to Christ, the King of all Creation!

Leader: Thank You God, for who You are, and thank You for all things
Congregation:  Praise, Thanksgiving, and Glory to Christ, the King of our Salvation!

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