Valley of Vision – “The Gospel Way” – pg. 35 (my paraphrase)

Blessed Lord Jesus teach me the Gospel Way that I might ever walk in it

No human mind could conceive or invent the Gospel,
Acting in eternal grace, you are both its Messenger and its Message,

  • Living your life out on earth and displaying infinite compassion,
  • Applying your life to insult, injury, and death,
  • Giving your life that I might be redeemed, ransomed, and freed.

Blessed are you, O Father,
for designing this Gospel Way of grace to find a rebel like me

Eternal thanks to you, O Lamb of God,
for opening this Gospel Way grace so that my blind eyes could see it

Praise everlasting to you, O Holy Spirit,
for applying this Gospel Way of grace to my hardened heart.

Glorious Trinity, firmly press the Gospel Way of grace deep into my soul

  • Until its virtue lights up all of my faculties
  • Until its power invades every hidden part of my life
  • Until its mercy makes one soul, with no fractures or wayward desires

Glorious Trinity, with choirs of angels, sing the Gospel Way of grace deep into my heart

  • Until the song of the Gospel be acknowledged in my heart
  • Until the lyrics of the Gospel be professed by my heart
  • Until the rhythm of the Gospel shapes the beat of my heart
  • Until the melody of the Gospel rings fully true in my heart

Help me to sing this mighty song of the Gospel Way

Help me to give up every darling idol and give myself to Christ

  • To submit my understanding to the logic of the Gospel
  • To submit my will to the control of Christ
  • To submit my life to the command of the Gospel
  • To submit my heart to the affection of Christ

Help me to adhere strictly to the rule of Grace,

  • Not departing from grace in any instance to embrace vainglorious moral impulses
  • Not departing from grace in order to escape evil, inconvenience, or danger
  • Not departing from grace to embrace the burden of self-effort and self-glory

Help me to embrace the Cross

  • to seek glory from its infamy
  • to be stripped of every pleasing pretence of righteousness by my own doings
  • to be clothed in the righteousness of my Redeemer

Help me to Repent

  • I have neglected you and ran after other lovers
  • I have crucified you afresh by my refusal to repent
  • I have put you to open shame by trusting my idols instead of Your Cross.

I thank you for the patience that You have,

Bearing with me for so long and for the grace that now makes me willing to be Yours.

  • Tie me to Yourself with inseparable bonds
  • Bind me that nothing may ever draw me back from you,
  • Tie me to Yourself my Lord, my Savior, and my God…
  • Bind my heart that I may I never forget the glorious Gospel Way

4 thoughts on “Valley of Vision – “The Gospel Way” – pg. 35 (my paraphrase)

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Tim. I use prayers from “Valley of Vision” often during worship, and with your permission, I would love to use this one (of course, giving you credit for the paraphrase!). Peace of the Lord be with you….


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