Jewel Melton – my dad

I penciled this drawing of my dad several years ago.  His name is Gerald Melton but I call him “Deddy.”  He is known as “Jewel” to all those who know him and love him.  I think that this is also the name his Heavenly Father has given him.  Jewel.  About 10 years ago Jesus Christ powerfully saved my dad.  He is a “Jewel” of God’s grace.  He is not an orphan, he has a Father – an Abba – who deeply cares for his adopted son and loves him incredibly.

To me, this is what Father’s Day is all about.  Not that my dad was a good father to me.  And not that I am a good father to my children.  But that the Heavenly Father is a good Father, a perfect Father, who loved us so much that He sent His Son to die for us so that we might become children of God and have the unfailing Blessing of our Abba (Romans 8:15).   That is a Father’s Day thought to shout about.

So, Happy Father’s Day Jewel!  Happy Father’s Day Deddy! I love you!  Isn’t it great that we have the same Papa?

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