Callie Melton’s Gospel Story

Callie, 2013The following is a recording of a testimony given by our daughter Callie to Surfside PCA’s Youth Group on August 15, 2013.

11 thoughts on “Callie Melton’s Gospel Story

  1. What a strong beautiful young lady. What a loving, gracious, glorious Lord. Thank you so much for sharing your love and God’s love with us.


  2. Callie, To God be the Glory for your obedience to share your sorrow and your joy in Jesus. I, a senior in our church commit to pray for you as God leads you Daily.


  3. Thank you all so much! It’s such a blessing to me to have the opportunity to share and the responses I’ve gotten continue to show how much the Father loves me! 🙂


  4. Callie, I listened to the whole recording and I just want to tell you i’m very happy for you. you were very brave to tell this story. I love you and I have always admired you for your genuinity and honesty. You are beautiful on the inside and outside, and I know you will have a beautiful life. even though we dont talk or see each other often, you have a friend in me, and I love you and support you!


  5. Callie, we are very proud of your witness and pointing all who read it to Christ. We will be praying for your continued strong witness for the Lord as you go off to college. We love you very much
    Mim and Pops


  6. Callie,
    What a courageous witness for Christ and how He is growing you during this time. You are inspiring to listen to. God does indeed have a wonderful plan for your life!!!!
    Becky Carlton


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