The Glory of Christ 1: Troubled Minds

The Glory of ChristThis season of Advent 2014 I’m going back over some thoughts that I had last Autumn 2014 when I was reading old pastor named John Owen.

Owen says, “Our thoughts are so often cast into disorder by the troubles of life and our minds are unsettled by all kinds of idolatrous desires and passions. This is why the Psalmist said, ‘Why are you cast down, O my soul? Why are you troubled within me?’ So often, our mind is it’s own worst enemy. It troubles itself with runaway fears and unbridled sorrows. It causes itself to have confused thoughts until our mind is utterly out of its own power. But, it is not lost. For only a glimpse of the glory of Christ will settle our thoughts. And if our glimpse becomes a gaze, if we meditate and contemplate His majesty, then our minds will be composed. Our thoughts will be put in order. Our souls will be sedate, and quiet, and filled with such a faith in Christ that we will be able to say to the crashing waves of our idolatrous desires, ‘Peace. Be still.’ And they will obey.
– John Owen, The Glory of Christ (my paraphrase)

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