The Fountain of Everything Good

Valley-of-Vision Redux

God. You are the fountain of everything that is good.
And yet there is in me the desire to imagine myself to be this fountain, instead of you
In my sin, I imagine myself to be a god – self-dependent, self-powered, and self-glorified
This estimation of myself needs to die because it is slowly killing me and viciously attacking you
These lofty thoughts of myself are really just low thoughts of you
These clinging shreds of self-righteousness spurn your righteousness and your goodness
For I have in myself a sense of pride that, when victorious, spawns every kind of bragging
And when that pride is defeated, it yields to self-loathing, self-hate, and a desire to re-crucify my Savior

Lord, implant in me true lowliness of spirit, not a false humility or fake sense of sorrow that is really nothing more than self-pitying pride
Open in me a fountain of repentant tears – a true repentance
Break my heart in affection for your glory and bind it up in a hunger for your love
Then my heart will be more yielded to be your dwelling place
• More yielded for the Father to make his home in me
• More yielded for the Blessed Son to heal me with his gospel song
• More yielded for the Holy Spirit to descend on me with sanctifying grace

O Beautiful Trinity – three persons and one God
When you are present in me, evil cannot stay long
In your fellowship and friendship there is a fullness of joy that crushes my guilt
Beneath your smile there is a sweet peace of conscience that shatters my shame
When my mind is yielded to your easy yoke, no fears can disturb my soul
When my ear is pressed to your sturdy heart, no anxiety can trouble my rest
When my faith is planted in your fertile soil, my heart blooms with sacrificial love

So, my Fountain of everything good, help me to drink of your sweet grace
My work of sin cannot exceed your mercy
My urge to sin cannot exceed your irresistible beauty
My urge to run from you cannot outrace the gifts of love you have planted in my path
Infinite is your might!
Boundless is your love!
Limitless is your grace!
Glorious is your saving name!

So let angels sing over the work of our Great God as they witness sinners who repent, wanderers who return, prodigals who are restored, backsliders who are reclaimed, satan’s captives who are set free, blind eyes that are opened, broken hearts that are bound, the depressed who are cheered, the ignorant who are enlightened, the legalist who is driven from a refuge of religious lies, the self-righteous who are stripped then clothed in the righteousness of Christ, and all the saints together who are built up in holy dependence upon Jesus

You Lord – not me – But you, and only you, are the fountain of everything that is good. Help me to drink from that fountain this very moment so that all my dry, brittle pride is drowned in the majestic waterfall of your grace

I ask these great things from a glorious Great God – the fountain of everything that is good. Amen.

From: Valley of Vision: The Great God (p. 6)

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