Tangled Up With Me – a poem

Tangled Up With MeThe Total Inability (or Total Depravity) of graceless human nature should not be difficult for us to grasp.  One glance at the nightly news plainly reveals that all human beings – from Hollywood to Afghanistan – struggle unsuccessfully to find spiritual meaning and satisfaction.  As the Preacher in Ecclesiastes makes clear, the heart of every person is filled with a desire for “eternity” (Ecc 3:11) and yet, if God should leave us in our graceless condition, then we will strain all of our lives, with no success, to fill the ache in our souls.  As a result, the bible says that our hearts are diseased with the “madness” (Ecc 9:3) of drinking emptiness, climbing nothingness, and striving violently after wind (Ecc 1:14).  Several years ago, I wrote the following poem that illustrates the desperation and hopelessness of “self” salvation.  Thanks be to God, when I had no desire for Christ,  when I was unable to see or understand the gospel, when I didn’t even know my true need, when I had no ability to identify Christ or call out his name – my Risen Love showed me mercy – and by his grace he untangled  me.

Tangled Up with Me

I Climbed and Climbed and Pulled and Grabbed
I did my best to Rescue me.
But the more I Worked and Clawed and Scratched
The more I Tangled up with me

And so it was in Desperation,
I yearned and reached for Liberation
Fighting for a Foothold
Stretching for a Stronghold
Scraping, Tearing, Clutching to get Free
And yet the more I Tried
The more I Tangled up with me

There was Nothing to take hold of,
Nothing there to Clasp
Every single solid handle
was just beyond my Grasp
Trying for a Toehold
Crying for a Hand to Hold
Calling, Shouting, Wailing to be Free
And yet the more I Cried
The more I Tangled up with me

With no more Strength to Struggle Onward,
with no Resolve to move me Forward,
I primed my Weary Soul for Death
And I let go of my Last Breath…
Then, Rising, Winging, Soaring,
Someone Ancient set me Free!
And so it was that when I Died
My Risen Love Untangled me

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