“The Mover of My Soul”, Valley of Vision, p. 8

Adapted from “The Mover”, The Valley of Vision – Pg. 8 (my paraphrase)Valley-of-Vision Redux

O Triune God,
You are the Mover of my soul.
Without you – my soul, my heart, my affections –
All these would still be unmoved, unyielding, and following their natural courses to drown in a barren sea
But God, being rich in merciful love –
You woke me up. You moved the soul in me.

You moved my soul, and my soul continues to be moved by You.
This very moment I am…
• Dependent on You
• Under your constant care
• Found in the path where You walk,
• Following where Your Spirit moves
• Receptive to Your Love.
• Afraid of being away from You

You do not move me like a man moves a stone – by the sheer force of your will
• But you call me with your loving voice
• You wake me with your wine and invigorate me with your living bread
• You energize me to express myself for your glory
• You lead me to be refreshed by the gospel meal you provide
• You are the First Mover, without whom there would be no spiritual life in anyone

Who made me to desire the Gospel, but You?
Who changed my spiritual appetite, but You?
For in my sin I was no more ready to receive Christ than satan himself;
I would not have thought of you, if you had not thought of me
I would not have loved you, if you had not first loved me,
I would not have bowed to you, unless you stooped to reveal your majesty
O that Your crown should adorn a brow like mine!
That such treasure should be given to a vile rebel like me!
That one so low should now be lifted up so high!

It’s a miracle of Grace!

So, Spirit of Christ, shape me into the mold of Your salvation and freedom
Let “Wrath Deserved” be written on the door of hell,
And may “The Free Gift of Grace” be engraved on the gate of heaven.

I know that my sufferings are the result of my sinning and of living in a sinful world,
Yet suffering and sin will someday cease when I arrive on the shores of heaven;
So grant me to embrace your rest and stop me from rowing my ship against the gale,
May the breeze of your mercy blow my sail toward the lighthouse of your Word
May the tides of your love draw me nearer to your heart and away from my selfish sin
May the weight of your grace secure my faith when I sail across a stormy sea
And in days of calm, move my soul, by your gentle breath
ever more toward you, O Christ
Until I’m safely home at last
in the harbor of your Love

2 thoughts on ““The Mover of My Soul”, Valley of Vision, p. 8

  1. i applaud your intention and effort. Antiquated language stumbles me, distracts me from the intended message. I was actually perusing the net looking for what might perhaps be called “The Valley of Vision in contemporary language” – when i came upon your site. i may sound brutish with what i am about to say, and i apologize for that up front and in addition would like to note that i mean no harm, neither am i mocking in my intent but antiquated english usage does not make any document more ‘holy’, ‘sacred’ or ‘precious’ or, for that matter ‘beautiful’ …. in my opinion. Again, sincere apologies to those who feel otherwise …i mean that. Yet again, though i do not know what the spoken language of heaven is, neither the specific language of The Holy Spirit ( if there even is one- many?), i do not believe it to be antiquated English. I doubt that “thee, thy” and “thou” are standard language in Heaven.
    One of my favorite books, and perhaps one of the greatest and most important, is The Knowledge of The Holy” by A.W. Tozier. Profound…. the knowledge contained within…. indispensable to all serious Christians. At the beginning of each chapter, Tozier dedicates it by prayer. Each prayer is formed using antiquated archaic English. Why? Here is s book, written by one of the greatest contemporary Christian minds – written in the 1960’s reverting to King James english in his prayers. Why? It is more than puzzling to me, it is disturbing. What is the message to the reader in doing that? is he suggesting something by doing that? Why would a modern man revert to an antiquated language form in his prayers?
    And so, i say “press on” ….. do the whole collection. There is surely a waiting audience out there. Again….. truly sorry if i have offended anyone.


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