Tribute to James Yon

James, in his dressed blues, with his wife Laura

As many of you know, I have spent a great deal of my professional career in youth ministry.  Several years ago, I had a kid in my group named James Yon.  James has always had a zest for life.  Everything he does, he goes full out, full on, head first, and eyes closed.  He was always the greatest kid to have on youth trips and events, because James always brought the happy with him.  You didn’t have to worry about an event being boring.  If James was there, it didn’t matter what you were doing, it was going to be an adventure.  Several years ago James joined the Marine Corp to help defend our country.  Needless to say, I was worried about him.  How would he do?  Would he be okay?  I just loved the guy so much, I couldn’t bear to think about something bad happening to him.  I knew he would be brave.  There was no doubt about that.

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