Gospel Thought: Worship is recognizing and bowing before the value of God

Worship is not primarily ascribing ultimate value and lordship to God.  Worship is recognizing the ultimate value that God already possesses and bowing before the lordship that God already has.

During this spring season many of our people at Surfside PCA are going through the small group material “Not a Fan.”  This is a great study that puts emphasis on being a “follower” of Christ and not just a distant spectator.  This great study strikes at the very heart of what it means to worship God.  Worshipping God is not simply ascribing worth to Him and then walking away.  Worship “sees” the splendor of God’s value and is moved to joy.  Worship doesn’t say that “Christ is Lord” because it intellectually adds up or because everybody else says so.  Worship says Christ is Lord because it sees Christ’s scars and beholds Christ’s glory.  Worship does not simply know about the Cross, worship kisses the Cross of Jesus and finds comfort only in its shadow.

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