The Awesomeness of the Dark Knight

So, on Thursday night at 12 midnight, my family and I, along with about 20 other friends, went to go see “The Dark Knight”. It was so awesome that my head exploded, right there in the theater. I would give a review here but a video is worth a thousand words.


Thanks to Bill Kinnon, “Achievable Ends”.

Batman Unmasked – Revisited

To celebrate the much anticipated opening of “The Dark Knight”, the sequel to Batman Begins, I am revisiting my very first post on Sacrosanct Gospel – “Batman Unmasked”. This article was first posted on March 12, 2008. I’m keeping the comments from the origninal post because I felt there were some pretty good responses. I would love to have you add a few more. Please understand in the article that I really am not ‘slamming’ Batman. I am very sympathetic to my boyhood hero. I know him well. He is just like me. Well, not completely. He has considerably more money, he is better looking, and he is younger. Why is it that I age and he doesn’t?

I also want to make it widely known that my family and I already have our tickets to tonight’s midnight opening. We will be sitting with many other friends from our church, popcorn in hand, ready to be creeped out by the late Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker. Did I say Batman was my ‘boyhood’ hero? Oops I guess the Bat’s out of the Bag! Ha Ha hahahh haa (Insert Joker’s laugh here).

So without any further mildew, for your intellectual provocation, “Batman Unmasked”.

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