Greatest NFL Players – Jersey #’s: 76-99

Ok. Here it is. The final edition of the 100 Greatest NFL Jersey’s Numbers. This is my picks for numbers 76-100. There are bound to be a few controversial selections, so let’s get to it. By the way…out of this group, I am selecting number 80, Jerry Rice, as the best. I’m open to arguments against, but you’re going to find that number hard to argue against. I look forward to your comments. By the way, I have updated the 50-76 post. After we’ve hammered this out, I plan to post an overall 00-99 list.

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Greatest NFL Players – Jersey #’s: 51-75

We’ve had some great interaction on our Great NFL Jersey Numbers series. I’ve made corrections to the 1-50 posts. However, there is still much controversy surrounding the pick for Jersey #12. Should it be Tom Brady or Roger Staubach. Brady has the numbers, but Staubach missed four years because of obligations to the Navy. In fact, some are so passionate about Staubach being the pic that they have made the argument that he should be the pick because he was a deeply religious man and that God would pick him on his team to play quarterback. Now, in my estimation that seems to be going a little far…everyone knows that God would pick Martin Luther to play quarterback.

So, continuing the series on the greatest NFL Players according to number, I am posting numbers 51-75. I think after we’ve finished this we should contact the Hall of Fame and let them know that we’ve worked this out for them. Remember that I’m posting a picture of the jersey that I feel is the best player out of the group – in this case, Lawrence Taylor. We should argue that as well – especially in this group of players. Continue reading

Greatest NFL Players – Jersey #’s: 26-50

Continuing the series on the greatest NFL Players according to number, I am rolling numbers 26-50. Thank you for all your comments on 1-25. It helped a great deal. I made corrections on that post and, if you can make a good argument, I’ll make corrections to this one as well. Continue reading