Birthday at Brookgreen

I had a great birthday today.  Martha Jo and I went to Brookgreen Gardens in Murrel’s Inlet.  Brookgreen is beautiful – nature, art, poetry, gardens.  Just a gorgeous place.  And I was able to enjoy it with my favorite person in the whole world.  It couldn’t get any better.  When we were there together, MJ gave me a card that was so cool.  She wrote:

You were handmade.
With the utmost care and attention
Designed with careful detail
With purpose and plan
Every circumstance that has taken place
Has been contrived and redeemed
Nothing in your life
Has been wasted!
Every quality that Christ has placed in you
Is both necessary and needed
Every grace lavished on you
Has been for His delight and glory
That the Lord would see fit to make someone like you
Strong, smart, seasoned, insightful, intuitive
Tender, funny, delightful, demonstrative
Curious, creative, courageous
A communicator, committed
Responsive to Jesus –
And that He would give you to me
This is amazing, astounding, and
The best birthday present
I have ever been given!

Happy Birthday Mel, I love you!!!

Martha Jo, you are such a wonderful blessing.  Thanks for giving me a great day.  I love you!