Celebrating Christmas in a Season of Economic Crisis

I don’t know if you have noticed (of course you have), but our country continues to be in a pretty serious economic recession. This financial crisis has affected every area of American society and culture. Over the past several months, I have talked with a number of families and individuals who are feeling the impact – retired couples who have lost more than half of their retirement nest egg, craftsmen who have nothing left to build, real estate agents who have no buyers or sellers, and small business owners who have gone belly up. There are a good number who are facing the reality of losing their home, losing their automobiles, and to be sure, some are even having a difficult time putting food on the table.

In the midst of these challenges, we approach Christmas – the season of buying and selling and giving gifts. I think it is safe to assume that this is not good news for most of us. In fact, instead of a time of celebration and cheer, the Christmas Season may feel like a swift kick to the head of a guy who is already down.  If you identify with what I’m saying, allow me to offer a word of spiritual encouragement.

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Surfside PCA – Angel Tree Project 2011

I’m extremely proud of our people at Surfside PCA, the Women in the Church (WIC), and Mrs. Jeanie Gour for their work on the Angel Tree Project.  Even as many of our families continue to experience difficult economic times this year, still all 60 Angels were taken.  This means that 60 children and 34 families will be blessed with gifts in the Myrtle Beach area this Christmas.  (Click on the picture to enlarge)  Thank you Surfside Presbyterian Church!  Thank you Jeanie Gour! Awesome job!