Preach the Gospel…and hey, don’t forget to buckle your seat belt

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership in the UK found an original way to encourage seat belt safety.  Instead of simply displaying the potential horror of failing to wear our seat belt in the event of an accident, Safer Roads chose to communicate a deeper message.

Daniel Cox, the director of “Embrace Life”, said that the inspiration of the short film came from wanting to offer a more positive message about road safety. “A lot of the campaigns focus on the more graphic and horrific outcomes of accidents whereas I really wanted to bring people into the conversation.”

As I watched the video, I was drawn in to the beauty of the message.  So many things are communicated: an automobile accident is not an individual tragedy, it is a communal tragedy; not only is the father impacted, so is the wife and their daughter; seat belts are arms of love wrapped around our loved ones.  The video really is a remarkable little piece of film-making.

In regard to the gospel, Christians could certainly take a lesson on how the gospel should be communicated.  More often that not we preach the gospel in a very truncated fashion.  We eliminate the nuance.  We place all the emphasis on only one element – often the horrific.  We preach the gospel like someone running through town, ringing a warning bell, while no one seems to know what it is they should be afraid of.  As Christian leaders and pastors, many of us often emphasize preaching “the whole counsel of God”, while neglecting to portray the kindness, the beauty, the tragedy, the love, the compassion, and the depth of the gospel narrative.  We forget to “bring people into the conversation”.  Certainly I am guilty of this error.

I’m grateful to Daniel Cox and the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership for reminding me that it is important to wear my seat belt and it is crucial to preach the gospel in a way that honors the fullness of the gospel and brings a greater glory to God.

The video can viewed by clicking below.