Gospel Thought: Grace to Forgive, Grace to Obey

If you are in Christ Jesus, you are free. There is no condemnation in Christ (Romans 8:1). Yet, thanks be to God, He disciplines those that he loves (Hebrews 12:6).  In this we have two perspectives, and both are crucial.  Realizing that there is no condemnation in Christ guards us from embracing harsh legalism and pursuing a life of joy stealing self-righteousness.  On the other hand, realizing that we receive loving discipline from God guards us from sin and disobedience.

So then, concerning the Grace of God, It is always best to remember these two things.

1 – Grace is given to provide forgiveness, AND

2 – Grace is given to promote obedience.

Grace is never given as a means to disobey.  Grace is not simply forgiveness.  Grace should never lead us to say, “My sin is no big deal, God will forgive me.”  In the words of Paul “May it never be!” (Romans 6:1-2)  Remember: Grace provides forgiveness. Grace promotes obedience. Keeping this tension guards us from legalism on one hand and licentiousness on the other.