Halloween: A beautiful picture of Grace

Well Halloween has come and gone and I am grateful that this year I heard far less “alarmist” Christian Halloween talk than I have in years previous. Maybe it was the distraction of the coming presidential election that kept most evangelicals from thinking about the ‘horrors’ of Halloween, but this year I didn’t hear anyone talking about burning Harry Potter books, or praying against Satan, or dressing their children up as Bible characters.

This year, instead of absenting ourselves from a so-called “pagan” holiday, our church had a community festival. That’s right. On October 31st, All Hallows Eve, Surfside Presbyterian Church had blow-up games and dunking booths. We gave out candy and had a box maze and a pie eating contest and all kinds of kids and parents came and dressed up like princesses and superheroes and some even dressed up like monsters. It was a great time for all and a blessing to our community here in south Myrtle Beach. I thought it was great.

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