“Joy” a song of lament and longing

I love the song “Joy” by Page CXVI.  It was written by Tifah Phillips as a lament to Christ after her father died of cancer.  (Here is the link to her story ab0ut how the song was written – http://blog.pagecxvi.com/post/683764188/joy).  Tifah took the song “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, down in my heart” and she rearranged it into a lament.   She recognized that joy is something that is beyond mere happiness.  She understood that true joy, if it is to become true and loving, must be mingled with a sorrow that shares in the sufferings of Christ.

So often I find that we Christians do not know how to be sad.  We tragically believe that the joy of Christ does not allow for sadness or tears or pain, feeling that an expression of sadness is a denial of Christ.  We mask our sadness by wearing a veneer of happiness.  Or we avoid sadness by harboring deep bitterness and anger.  In a weird paradox, we often do both at the same time.

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