The Glory of Christ 4: Losing Sight of Christ

The Glory of ChristWhen I lose sight of Jesus, I lose sight of every thing else. Beauty becomes invisible. Hope evaporates. God is hidden. My thoughts become dischordant. Life becomes ugly. And I am overwhelmed with grief. But, to glimpse Christ…

“In His incarnation, Jesus Christ became the representative image of God to the church. Without Him, we will have no understanding of God and no ability to even approach God’s Divine excellence or His beauty. God will remain invisible to us. But in the face of Jesus Christ, we clearly see His glory.”

– John Owen, The Glory of Christ (my paraphrase)

In response to this post Joseph Crump, and old college friend of mine sent me a good quote from another great puritan minister, “God takes His children in his arms when they come to deep water; so at least, when they lose ground, and are put to swim, then his hand is under their chin.”
– Samuel Rutherford, “The Loveliness of Christ”