Morning Prayer – Sing a Gospel Song

A Prayerful Response to Psalm 19
“In the heavens he has pitched a tent for the Sun,
which is like a Bridegroom coming forth from His pavilion,
like a Champion rejoicing to run His course.”

As the Bridegroom Morning-star peeks above the horizon of a new dawn,
We hear the song of rising hope.
All of creation joins in tribute and exaltation.  So let us be counted in the throng.
Let us emerge from slumber into this new day with singing on our lips.
May Christ’s Gospel Song ring true from our hearts.
May our earthen frames, though aged and worn, course with the dance of New Life.
We are not afraid.  We are not alone.  We are not Despairing.
The Gospel is our redemptive song of Jubilee!
Rejoice!  Give Praise!
Out of His Chamber, the Bridegroom sings this blessed Morn, so let us sing along,
“We are Glad!  We are Loved!  We are Free!”