Of Facebook and Barney Fife – part 2

A Few More Thoughts on “Facebook and Barney Fife”

If you are a Christian and you ever feel the idol of “Facebook Righteousness” rising up in your heart, and you start loading your pistol and looking for “law breakers”, I offer these thoughts…

a. Cultural/Personal Variation – It might be considered that Christians come in many shapes and sizes. Some Christians feel comfortable using strong language. Some do not. Some feel comfortable drinking a beer. Some do not. This may or may not be a matter of sin. What defines a swear word for you or I, may not be defined as a swear word by others. Paul spoke of this plainly in 1 Corinthians 10 when he talked about the issue of meat sacrificed to idols. We must realize that areas of cultural variation in certain areas of ethical and moral behavior exists among gospel believing Christians. We simply have to live with that. Continue reading

Of Facebook and Barney Fife

Recently I read a post on Facebook from a friend (yes, I have those) who was bemoaning the fact that many of her Christian friends do not meet her expectation of how to behave on the social network.  She said that she was “saddened to see so much vulgarity come out of the mouths of people on Facebook who call themselves believers.”  As my friend was shocked at the Vulgarity among Christians, I must admit that I am often disheartened by something else: the Self-righteousness among Christians.  Sometimes the self-righteousness and anger that is displayed on Facebook in the name of Christ can be very discouraging indeed.  It seems to me that the judgmentalism and self-goodness that is expressed on FB does the gospel far more harm than the vulgarity ever could.  It can also be a bit disconcerting to see the resistance to self analysis that exists in believers whose most empirically, self-evidential claim is the fact of our depravity.  Doesn’t most every Christian who asserts the Gospel of Christ begin with the fact that we are big, fat, sinners?  Yet, on that theological truth, how forgetful we are.  I include myself in this. Continue reading