Surfside PCA – Angel Tree Project 2011

I’m extremely proud of our people at Surfside PCA, the Women in the Church (WIC), and Mrs. Jeanie Gour for their work on the Angel Tree Project.  Even as many of our families continue to experience difficult economic times this year, still all 60 Angels were taken.  This means that 60 children and 34 families will be blessed with gifts in the Myrtle Beach area this Christmas.  (Click on the picture to enlarge)  Thank you Surfside Presbyterian Church!  Thank you Jeanie Gour! Awesome job!

Morning Prayer – Identifying with the suffering of others

Many of you are aware of my recent bout with kidney stones.  The stones emerged last week, the day before Easter, when I prayed that Christ would allow me to identify with Him in the suffering of his passion.  Eleven days later, on Monday night, I again went to bed in pain.  The week has been a blur; every day with intermittent fever and the enduring the grip of sometimes nagging, sometimes crippling pain.  Every night, shuffling off to bed, half asleep – half awake, while little knives stabbed into my lower back.  Every morning waking up at 4 am, an invisible zombie eating into my kidney.  Monday night was no exception.  Before going to bed, I thought to myself, “What would it be like to live with this pain the rest of my life – to know that every day would be a battle against physical misery?  There must be so many in the world who do.”

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