Valley of Vision – “The Gospel Way” – pg. 35 (my paraphrase)

Blessed Lord Jesus teach me the Gospel Way that I might ever walk in it

No human mind could conceive or invent the Gospel,
Acting in eternal grace, you are both its Messenger and its Message,

  • Living your life out on earth and displaying infinite compassion,
  • Applying your life to insult, injury, and death,
  • Giving your life that I might be redeemed, ransomed, and freed.

Blessed are you, O Father,
for designing this Gospel Way of grace to find a rebel like me

Eternal thanks to you, O Lamb of God,
for opening this Gospel Way grace so that my blind eyes could see it

Praise everlasting to you, O Holy Spirit,
for applying this Gospel Way of grace to my hardened heart.

Glorious Trinity, firmly press the Gospel Way of grace deep into my soul Continue reading