Where the Streets Have no Name – U2

September 1, 2001 – at Slane Castle in Ireland.  “All I want is – You,  All I need is – You,  All I want is – You…” The massive crowd erupts in strains of rapturous joy as they anticipate The Song...

The Song… it emerges with a multi-rhythmic crescendo, churning with chord progressions that rise and fall like a train engine, The Edge’s haunting, unique, signature delay, Adam Clayton’s understated, impellent bass, and Larry Mullin’s driving percussion – at 1:55, Bono’s haunting voice booms like a prophetic trumpet; The Band – like a four horse chariot, on fire, and galloping down from the clouds – announcing the advent of that heavenly city, leading us to a place – where the streets have no name.

There are Gospel songs about heaven – like “I’ll Fly Away” and “When we all get to heaven”.  And there are Gospel songs about earth – like “He’s got the whole world in his hands” and “This is my Father’s World“.  And then there is this Gospel song: a song that weaves the stuff of heaven into the stuff of earth, creating one tapestry, where heavenly sunlight comes down and the rain clouds of earth go up, where a city floods but a highway leads us up to a desert plain, where the walls all come down and where love does not rust, and we’re blown by the Wind to touch the burning flame, and it’s all we can do, I want to go there with you, where there is no more sorrow, there is no more pain…where the streets have no name.  Click tab to see Video and Lyrics. Continue reading