Making Sense Out of Suffering (Part 3)

Yesterday I received a comment from someone named Emily concerning my recent post Making Sense Out of Suffering” (You can read that post by clicking here).

Emily said…

“I appreciate your perspective as well as your mind, but (I’m not sure that your argument) is biblical. Read Job 1 & 2. Satan is indeed the author of Job’s suffering, yet God is sovereign and Satan can’t do anything without God’s permission. God also sets limits on what Satan can do. Yes, Satan’s goal is to cause Job disbelief.  But Spiritual warfare ceases to make sense if it is “God against God”, clearly it is “God against Satan” and man must make a choice. I am not attempting to start an argument, but simply hope to receive more understanding.”

Here is my response:

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Making Sense Out of Suffering – God’s Megaphone (Part 2)

(I wrote this post early Sunday morning.  I finished it at 5am, while sitting in the dark, still suffering with a Kidney Stone.  I am presently at 18 days.)

The reality of suffering measured against God’s goodness is one of the foundational problems that unbeliever’s use to disprove the existence of God.  The line of thinking usually follows this pattern:  There is, without question, a great amount of suffering in the world.  If God is all-powerful and he is all loving, then why does he allow such suffering and death to take place?  In order to reconcile this problem, it is argued, a logical person must take one of only four positions: (1) that God is not all-powerful and therefore cannot stop our suffering, (2) that God is not all-loving and therefore does not care about our suffering, or (3) that God is neither all-powerful nor all-loving and therefore cannot stop our suffering nor does he care to, or (4) that there is no God at all.  The most likely of these four, says the atheist, is choice number four.

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