Position Papers

These are links to Theological Position Articles (some by me, some by others):

Position Papers I’ve written:

SANCTIFICATION BY FAITH:  A continual work of the Gospel that produces ongoing hope filled repentance and a growing dependence upon Christ – by Tim Melton

Relationship of the Church and Para-church – by Tim Melton

Jonathan Edwards and The New Side/Old Side Presbyterian Schism: A Balanced Response to Revivalism – by Tim Melton

The Consumption of Alcohol & Issues of Christian Conscience – by Tim Melton (originally adopted from The Kirk of Greensboro, NC, Dr. Craig Childs)


Position Papers others have written:

The Forgotten Mark: The Biblical Concept of Church Discipline – by Randy Oliver

“Calvin’s Three Uses of the Law” – by CreedorChaos

Meaning and Mode of Baptism – by Richard Pratt

John Calvin on Paedocommunion – by John Calvin

Racial Harmony and Interracial Marriage – by John Piper

The Biblical Offense of Racism – by Douglas Jones

A Fresh Look at the Regulative Principle – by John Frame

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