“The Mover of My Soul”, Valley of Vision, p. 8

Adapted from “The Mover”, The Valley of Vision – Pg. 8 (my paraphrase)Valley-of-Vision Redux

O Triune God,
You are the Mover of my soul.
Without you – my soul, my heart, my affections –
All these would still be unmoved, unyielding, and following their natural courses to drown in a barren sea
But God, being rich in merciful love –
You woke me up. You moved the soul in me.

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My Beautiful Attractive God, Valley of Vision

From Valley of Vision, Page 7.

My God, Your grace is like a magnet – drawing me to all that is truly attractive. And what I find truly attractive is most beautiful in you

  • I am attracted to honor and rejoicing – I find these things most beautiful in you
  • I am attracted to glory and virtue – I find these things most beautiful in you
  • I am attracted to seeing the hand of Deity in the created world – I find these things most beautiful in you as I see you speaking, acting, filling, and shining forth in all that you have made.

I find nothing good, unless you make it so
I stand near to nothing good, unless I stand near to you Continue reading

Valley of Vision Redux – “God’s Good Pleasure” – pg. 222

God’s Good Pleasure, Valley of Vision, p. 222

O Sovereign Lord,
Your Will is supreme in heaven and earth,
All things are orchestrated by your hands
All beings are created by just the whisper of your voice.
You are the author of our lives;
Your instruction gives us understanding,
Your providence governs our steps. Continue reading

Valley of Vision Redux – “The Grace of the Cross” – pg. 172

The Grace of The Cross

O my Jesus, I thank You from the depths of my being
For Your wondrous grace and love
In bearing my sin in Your own body on the tree.

May Your cross be to me

  • As the tree that sweetens my bitter Marahs [1],
  • As the rod that blossoms with life and beauty [2],
  • As the brazen serpent that calls forth the look of faith [3].

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Valley of Vision Redux – “Purified by Grace” – pg. 81

Originally posted as “Purification” p. 81

Lord Jesus, I sin.

Help me that I may
never cease grieving because of my sin,
never be content with myself,
never think I can reach a point of perfection.

Kill my envy,
command my tongue,
trample down my selfish pride. Continue reading

Valley of Vision Redux – “The Dark Guest” – pg. 71

The Dark Guest

The Dark Guest

O Lord, at beginning of repentance, I pray
Bend my hands or even cut them off…

These hands
These hands that should embrace you by faith,
yet how often they have struck you,
These hands
Curled in fists
hatefully driven by my wayward will
And My eye
My eye has a hidden desire to seek my fame in all I do;
to see my name in lights
And My heart
My heart sinfully worships created glory, worldly honor,
human wisdom, and the esteem of men Continue reading