“Surprised by Hope” – N.T. Wright

For a healthy, reformed view of the “New Heavens and New Earth”, I would recommend “Surprised by Hope” by N.T. Wright. I’m reading it now and, boy, it’s so good.  Our theology of heaven is often confused with Greek mythology along with a plethora of gnostic ideas that we get from ‘Left Behind’ and other such popular works.  Wright is a little tricky on some of his theological views (like justification and his interpretation of Paul), but by and large you won’t find any of that in “Surprised by Hope.”   The book basically outlines for us a demythologized version of heaven that’s rooted in Biblical exegesis, and a robust, covenantal, eschatalogical view.  I recommend it highly.

4 thoughts on ““Surprised by Hope” – N.T. Wright

  1. I am suprised that he even had the Bishop on so I think he was going above and beyond what comedy central has on it. And remember this is a comedy show so he has to try to be funny. I think we are missing what Cobert just did he gave a man who the Comedy Central channel doesnt usually play to and they put him on to spread some good news. Maybe this is what Cobert was trying to do. MAYBE well lets hope so.


  2. Yeah I agree. I impressed that Cobert had him on. Cobert professes to be a Christian by the way and he is very theologically adept. He teaches sunday school in his church and he is well educated on protestant doctrine. I know it’s a comedy show, and usually I love Cobert’s wit, but this time I just wanted to hear what Wright had to say.


  3. Props to the following people for this clip:

    Colbert, for introducing Tom Wright to an American Audience

    Tom Wright, for have the courage to rock out a pink collared preist shirt on national TV.


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