Black Liberation, White Oppression, or Liberty and Justice for All?

opposites-5256bcda9e631_hiresBefore I begin, I feel that I need to warn you that this post is super long. However, I feel that I may have some thoughts that will contribute to the conversation around the issues of racial, cultural, and economic divisiveness that are currently happening in our country.  I feel, along with many others I’m sure, that the culture wars are not only deeply dividing our citizens in the United States – but they are also deeply dividing the body of Christ.  Man, my heart is heavy over this stuff. I am grieved over the anger. I am grieved over the violence. I am grieved over the hate. I am grieved that the inflammatory rhetoric of American special interest groups continue to escalate. I am grieved that the culture wars are raging.

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Recovering the Heart of Dr. King

Dr. KingIn the face of recent events in our nation, I find that my heart is deeply grieved today.  In the last six months, we have witnessed one the nastiest political campaigns in our nation’s history.  During this campaign we heard the worst insults imaginable.  Last month, we witnessed a brutal attack by a radicalized Muslim on the LGBT community Continue reading